Sunday, 21 June 2009

I finally man up and post some old contruction studies.

I said I would, so I am. These are all old now, but I refrained from posting them, partly because they started to get worse after the first batch, and partly because my laptop's hard drive died, and the temporary computer I was on wouldn't work with my scanner, and then I forgot about them. I'm baring my soul here, but we all gotta suffer for our art, right? (I think I need to suffer some more, though, by the looks of these).

I actually did this one twice, and the second one is (mostly) an improvement.

That muzzle again.

This I really screwed up the first time. I think I actually just measured the whole thing wrong.

The second one is worse here. Aaaaaaaaaargh.
Starts to get really shakey here.

Gaaah. Always the ears and arms.

Well this one's not all that bad apart from the right edge.

I really don't know how I got the angle of the head so wrong.

Well this isn't too bad, considering it's more difficult than the ones I'd been doing up to here.

The proportions are okay, at least, just got lots of angles and lines wrong.

Well, I guess they weren't ALL as bad as I thought, but lots of really dodgy ones, still. I better get some more done so I can hopefully start actually improving again.

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